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Ethernet-Module XEP01R

The module (Interface Relay) serve as interface to connect network devices to industrial control units. Inputs and outputs are isolated by opto-couplers. The outputs are potential free normal open contacts, by TYCO PCN124D3, with a switching capacity of 3A@30VDC respectively 3A@250VAC. The modules of this series are designed for integration into existing switching cabinets.

Besides the application as an input/output-unit, the module can be used as a multifunctional timer. Suitable for applications where settings may be rarely, or never, changed. By a corresponding one-time configuration, each of the eight channels can execute a different function.
Functions: Extern I/O, Direct I/O, On-Delay, Off-Delay, Clock Pulse/Pause, Clock Pulse/Period, On-Wipe-Pulse, Off-Wipe-Pulse, Remote Control.
Time Ranges: 100..2000ms, 1..120s, 1..120m, 1..100h.